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God will Bless you all abundantly 


Welcome to our Prayer, Worship and Counseling Center (coming soon)

Our Phase II plan for Last Minute Ministries is to clean up the streets in our Nation. Our prayer, worship and counseling center will be the first of many throughout the Nation.  We will go out to the Homeless, Prostitutes, Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, etc... and through the Love of Jesus teach them they do not have to live lost, hopeless, and poor. They too can rise up and make a difference in this world because Jesus Christ will raise them up out of darkness and into His wondrous light.

 There will also be a home for battered and abused women, as the Funding becomes available.

In the very near future, 2020 November, Food Bank.

 Will announce it's opening very soon...

Come and join us, be a part of what God is doing in these last days !