Missionaries Testimony

Hello Brothers n Sisters in Christ.
I am Tariq from Singapore, My belonging to moslem family and by birth moslem, but as many reading and queries attitude I was not satisfied in past religion, then i begin in search for truth, Buddhism, Christianity and islam too.. actually one great poet (Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai) I read his rasaloo (book) and I realize he talk about God as friend and he is very clear about it that relationship with God but not talk about Prophet it was real changing point in my life, I begin search and its very hard for me because society, culture, and family.. but I did with my will power, Luckily I found Rev Annie Mantz and she helped me alot and send me Holy Word of God in 2003, in this manner I moved forward and realized that I should move from country and then I went to Dubai, UAE but I saw same legal problem then I tried in Bangkok Thailand, then Singapore, and Kula Lumpur Malaysia, its hard to get job in visit in Singapore but I invest money 4000US$ to agent to get job for me and I back and I was in Odem Bo srilanka at tsunami, its all happened in front of my eyes but me saved because of Lord protection with me, Praised to Lord,, My agent thought I finished but I am not, then again I went to meet him and then I got employment pass but no job I passed 2 years in Singapore without income even I applied 2 time permanent residence for Singapore also declined, I visited many churches but not welcome me at all, due to Moslem back ground and my home land,, every body scared, Only Rev Annie Mantz always with me with prays and support.. 27th dec 2007 my last date of
Singapore and no chance to remain there if I went back means again distance between me and Lord I didn’t want that, 24th dec 2004 I got job in Singapore, I joined church of Singapore too and also Last minute ministries with Rev Annie Mantz. She is person who makes me in light and made my life meaning full, I am seeking of kingdom now and looking to join bible study and trying to move to USA to work in street ministries with Rev Annie Mantz.
Now Jesus is my savior and after seeking of kingdom every thing is settled by Lord Amen, off course I have some problem due to satan and his satanic world but I believe on Lord and He will care me and Love me Amen
Now in days I am doing hard job even odd job but I know that is not forever Lord will make it difference amen
I am not good in express my view point even still I am facing lot prosecution from family I want to change my religion officially too but I am waiting for Move to usa and settle down there because I do not want to hurt or any problem for my family in my home land, I am alone son so I have many responsibilities and God said love and care mother and father, my father passed away but my mother need my care.
Any mistake or anything wrong I do apologize from every one.
Your Brother in Christ
Peter (This named given by Rev Annie Mantz, I am remain thankful to her)